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The 2018 midterm election is one of the most important election cycles for medicine - and we need YOU to VOTE! The results of the midterm election are likely to have a major impact on a broad array of health issues that touch every single American.

Here are three big health issues that could be dramatically affected by Tuesday's vote:

Medicaid expansion

The Supreme Court in 2012 made optional the ACA's expansion of Medicaid to cover all low-income Americans up to 138 percent of the poverty line. Most states have now expanded but 17 states have yet to expand Medicaid.


An increasing number of legislators are rallying around the proposal of "Medicare-for-all". However, some warn that Medicare-for-all is not a feasible solution and would threaten the existing program.

The Affordable Care Act

Efforts to repeal-and-replace the ACA fell through earlier this year. The fate of the ACA will lie in the hands of the new House of Representatives.

With such important issues on the forefront, it is imperative we elect a Congress that is friendly to medicine. It is vital that urologists make their voice heard and vote for lawmakers who understand the threats to our profession created by current policy, who will work to increase patient access to care, and who will intervene in backward attempts to create policies that undermine our ability to practice medicine.

To find out which candidates UROPAC has supported this election cycle, visit our disbursement map. You can view which candidates UROPAC has donated to in your state.

Medicine cannot win without you. We need you to vote for urology.

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